Thursday, March 20, 2008


Success! I trimmed 3,000 words of my paper to bring it down for the 10,000 word limit - with 6 words to spare! Sadly, I was stuck doing that instead of adding figures (total count: a whopping 0) or expanding the related works section (which needs serious expanding). However, going through every single line of the paper a few times makes me feel stronger about most of my statements. Ah, the price of trying to have a clear background section!

Thursday/Friday: Buy iPhone and play with it, plan Japan trip, and optimize a conjugate-gradient preconditioner written in UPC (distributed global address space in C) for solving symmetric positive-definite linear systems. And, hopefully, put some models together about proxy systems.

I'm actually looking forward to post-Japan: Raluca and I are going to do a sweet project with lots of buzzwords in it.

While gleaning what I could about Japan:
"The more observant of you may have noticed that this amounts to 190.7% of the Japanese population practicing religions. [...] The Japanese experience religion very different from other countries."

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