Sunday, May 4, 2008

Reading List

My reading list goes in waves. To organize it, for some loose interpretation of the term, I use bookmarks in my browser, a course (263 - semantics) folder, a research folder, a general interest in-pile on my desk, an out-pile, and physical bookmarks in books. The first three always travel with me in my bag (in addition to loose of-the-day papers). So far I've managed to always keep the list tractable, but the PLDI program (Liquid Types etc) just enlarged my list, OOPSLA and a few others will be announced soon, and I just added a big chunk for an upcoming term paper. Right now, it is a little unwieldy. I've tried using web systems, but, in practice, I need a more integrated experience. Perhaps an iPhone app with OCR support might help.

While I'm a little antsy about the blow up due to the term paper, I'm finding the list I chose for it fairly sexy so far:

  • Lisp in Web-Based Applications (Graham)
  • A Located Lambda Calculus (Cooper, Wadler)
  • Implementation and Use of the PLT Scheme Server (Hopkins, Krishnamurthi, et al)
  • Squeak, WASH/CGI
  • Back to Direct Style (Danvy)
  • Automatically Restructuring Programs for the Web
  • Continuations from Generalized Stack Inspection
  • Delimited Dynamic Binding (Kiselyov, Shan, Sabry) - ok, this one's a stretch
  • Landin's J operator paper
  • Towards Leakage Containment (Lawall, Friedman)
  • REST - Representational State Transfer (Fielding's thesis, chapters ~4-6)
A bit of redundancy in there, and some that are mostly common knowledge but classic, but, this should be fun and help me to start answering some questions bugging me that are currently glossed over. We teach a lot of this stuff to undergrads at Brown - otherwise, factoring in my actual coding project, these next couple of weeks would likely involve excessive caffeine purchases. I decided against an internship this summer so I can't afford to plan that badly :)

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