Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Day in the Life

I'm still ruminating over the implications of my day. Presented chronologically; I claim no objectivity.

  • chicken & eggplant chinese leftovers while reviewing 0-CFA
  • discussed the shift from denotational to constraint-based presentations of type systems
  • looked at a PLer's take on string theory
  • jointly critiqued another's critique of the metasystem of his metalanguage
  • met in order to schedule a meeting around a soccer (AKA football) match
  • chase citations (Kahn networks, Lustre/clock-calculus driven compilation, some other goodies..)
  • ginger & garlic (pepper, really) soup, spiced with more papers
  • chance encounter to briefly discuss speculative sand-boxes
  • summarized ~150 bug reports from 2006
Relatively significant fragments may have been omitted. Sometimes, I wonder...
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