Monday, July 28, 2008

Request for Help

Repost of my request on LtU:

Any help with good starter papers in these areas would be appreciated! Prior knowledge would probably be around TAPL level. I'm hoping for papers that are a) primary sources b) clean/modern formalizations or c) provide perspective (or a retrospective). A mixture of b) and c) would probably be ideal :) Realistically, book chapters are less useful than papers, unless they're from a relatively common text (CTM, etc.) or freely available. Talks/slides might be good too.

I have guesses for a couple, but the community here can probably do significantly better and help suggest which makes the most sense for the goal.

1. Dependent Types
- "Simply Easy! (An Implementation of Dependently Typed Lambda Calculus)"
- "Why Dependent Types Matter"
- TAPL 23,25

2. Concatenative languages (pure & typed? impure? optimized?)

3. Concurrency/distribution/communication calculi
- "A calculus of mobile processes"
4. Linear naming / typing

5,6. Modal logic (with an eye to distributed comp.), separation logic (distrib. comp or heap sep.)
- likely papers from CMU :)

Again, any help would be appreciated!

This is for the good of grad. students today, and hopefully for generations to come :)

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Colin said...

Working on the final project for sk's grad seminar this year, I read this paper by John Reynolds on separation logic:
It's pretty modern, and remarkably clear.