Friday, July 18, 2008

There were no open revolts at my bayfp talk tonight, so I'm counting it as a success :) I think it was recorded, and the slides are available on my site for now (ppt 2008, pdf). Not sure how to embed it into blogger (phopkins, if you're out there, help!)... that I could even think of doing that makes me impressed at how far the web has gotten in the past 3 years.

Thanks to everybody who came, Mike and Keith of Skydeck for organizing, and the folks at Heysan! for hosting - tonight was fun and it was good to meet s'more people. One thought is to go out for a post-talk drink next time, being on Thursdays and all :)

Now go and register something . Even better, if you're a language person in the area, sign up to talk! I might give you a hug if it's a crash course on modal logic or linear types...

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