Monday, March 23, 2009

Last one

... for now:

This paper presents Flapjax, a language designed for contemporary Web applications. These applications communicate with servers and have rich, interactive interfaces. Flapjax provides two key features that simplify writing these applications. First, it provides event streams, a uniform abstraction for communication within a program as well as with external Web services. Second, the language itself is reactive: it automatically tracks data dependencies and propagates updates along those dataflows. This allows developers to write reactive interfaces in a declarative and compositional style.

I need to finish putting together a couple of talks, but then back to working my parallel browser stuff full time (modulo writing proofs about parallel algorithms..).

In other news:
  1. We had an Iron Chef cook-off last night, with the secret ingredient being tofu. Team Awesome (me, Fabian, & Kaitlyn) prepared tofu popovers as an appetizer and then a full meal of: spicy tofu (my favorite) as the main, and pan-fried asparagus and friend potatos, both mixed with both caramelized tofu and caramelized onions. Fabian finished with a strawberry parfait, making a ricotta out of pine nuts and tofu, and I topped it with some dulce de leche. I think everything except the potatos were spectacular -- amazing, considering I never eat tofu.

  2. Road trip to San Diego!

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