Saturday, April 4, 2009

CSS selectors: now 10x faster

Apparently I've been benchmarking incorrectly for the past month or so.

Anyways, 2 things:
  1. CSS selectors, on most sites, are fast enough. Stop stressing.
  2. On handhelds, they are way too slow: a 10-20x hardware slowdown hurts. Never fear! Parallelism and hardware tuning to the rescue!
What this chart says is that instead of spending 20-50ms on a 2.66Ghz machine with 1GB RAM per hardware thread for slashdot, on 16 cores, it only takes 2-3ms. Where it is actually noticeable -- future handheld devices -- instead of wasting half a second on it, it could only take 50ms.

I want to try a couple more quick things, and then move on to webpage layout.

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