Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back on the mainland

Crazy vacation #2: Hawaii! AKA, Leo learns how to surf.

Other news..

  • MSR work is going well.
  • Flapjax paper for OOPSLA won a best paper award -- and it actually left out a lot of the good stuff. E.g., talking about how to interface FRP code with imperative APIs without destroying performance, experiences at Berkeley getting undergrads to use and implement an FRP system, and, as Mike noted, his integration of a more relational (lense) layer was relegated to a couple of paragraphs that probably don't make any sense for newcomers.
  • I think I want to take our web application paper out of the dustbin, extend it a bit, and try for ICSE in a few weeks. I love that there was an FSE position paper suggesting someone should do work like ours yet the conference rejected ours that actually did it ;-) This paper has been a frustrating process, yet I think it's as exciting as our parallel browser work.
  • For this week, I want to add a cool postmessage layer to our membrane work (our main usage was for Caja, but it helps even in MashupOS style isolation approaches). Reviewers for the paper would be appreciated -- not sure if we're going for NDSS or WWW.
  • Talk @ Adobe on the parallel web browser soon, finishing font benchmarks, and cleaning up prose for the parallel CSS paper (IPDPS? PLDI? already several pages over..)
August/September will be nuts with paper polishing. But, luckily, back to research after that.

Finally... there's talk of a half-marathon in Napa for Halloween. I did ~5 miles on somewhat hilly terrain a few times last week in Hawaii (going around diamond head), but never have tried longer. Have started working on my 5k (~26min or 8.5min miles), which seems to have led to my bumping up normal pace mileage. Might need to be more methodical about this if I want to enjoy Napa after the marathon :)
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