Wednesday, July 31, 2013

OOPSLA Preprint: Empirical Analysis of Programming Language Adoption

We put up a preprint of our analysis of how languages spread and developers adopt them. The camera ready is coming, so any feedback would be welcome. If anyone is extra ambitious, I'd love help in using our data to estimate the total number of languages out there :) The basic idea is to use a species estimator given our power law findings.

At the same time, I'm doing a lot of traveling in the next couple of months, and would love to meet up with folks:
  • Hawaii, mid August
  • Denmark, late August (IFIP WGLD)
  • Germany, early September
  • Missouri, mid September (Emerging Languages / Strange Loop)
  • NY/NJ, mid September  (IBM PL Day)
  • Tentative: RI, mid September

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