Sunday, March 15, 2009

2 more days

Our paper is really shaping up. We're doing two demos of using our new program analysis. First, a Firefox extension to take natural language commands and interpret them in terms of the functionality of the website you are looking at. Second, autonomic meta-scripting. E.g., if the website you are mashing up or screen scrapping changes, it may be possible to update your program automatically. Unfortunately, we only have ~1.5 pages of room to discuss these, and I'd really like to devote an entire individual paper to exploring each :( Don't think my adviser would like that, and the next use of the analysis I wanted to deeply investigate is actually a new kind of search engine.

In other news, I rediscovered my old Flickr photos. I wonder if there's a good way to connect this with my Facebook photo albums. I really wish I had time to implement my generic data-liberation Firefox extension idea to disconnect data from applications -- not only is language lifting fun, it'd also help solve this problem in a principled way.
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