Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The joy of related work

Every time I write a paper and we perform a final literature survey for related work, new pertinent work pops up, either because we're in a popular area and others have moved forward, or because our understanding has grown enough so that we can perform a better survey.

Invariably, some of it is very similar to our own work, which is Scary. However, the darker the fear, the higher the joy:

Hey, I almost finished watching the ZZZ 2008 presentation on ZZZ, but I decided to write you when the guy opened Google Maps and said "for which I don't even know how a state machine can be created" :)

Their example was a login page with username/password and submit...

Back to work,

Almost done with the camera-ready version for Hot Par, and then back to writing for FSE and running experiments..
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