Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Exciting times!

Thought I'd post a quick status update. I will not actually be here this summer!

1. Browser stuff. Over the next month, I'll be bouncing around and hopefully finishing the initial version of my parallel web page layout algorithms. In the fall, I want to make sure it's all stitched together and then might switch into thinking about adaptivity or, even more general, parallel scripting.

2. Webpage model extraction / exploration stuff. After the browser work reaches a good state (PPoPP?), I'll be rewriting and scaling out our blackbox analyzer and will make it directed. If collaboration works out, there'll be some interesting twists (either a new type of analysis or integrating and expanding some earlier whitebox ideas)

3. Summer! Something mysterious at Microsoft Research about browser security. I'm guessing/hoping a principled clean-slate approach or some program analysis.

One of many flights start tomorrow.

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