Thursday, June 4, 2009

Assembly Language of the Web

What should be the assembly language of the web? JavaScript has risen as the pragmatic choice, with the Flash VM trailing far behind. Some elements of Google think x86 is the way to go.

With Flapjax, JS was a fine choice: we were interested in rewiring existing AJAX-style apps and could do it. Sometimes, with both Flapjax and the membrane work, it wasn't enough (weak references, reflection / interpositioning woes, no good separability). Other notions, like parallelism and DB transactions, are just missing entirely (e.g., workers were not enough when I did some Firefox extension work).

Given a void, what's the way forward? CLR? DLR? JS? x86? VMs? Folks like Erik Meijer and Gilad Bracha seem comfortable with JS is the new assembly, but I'm not. At best, it would then need an overhaul that it isn't getting, and, at worst, we're slowing the web down by maybe 5-10 years.
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